Our Story

Dear Friends,

A brief history of Trendsetters...In 1990 I opened my first salon in my uncle’s building, occupying the space where the library once was. Bringing a hair salon into town created quite a buzz as we started new trends with hair styles, cuts and colors. But what really caught on was the hair jewelry we created back in the ‘90’s. There wasn’t a girl at Poquonock Elementary who didn’t want it in her hair. Clients still mention it to me today! Soon, we were prompted to move to a bigger space to better accommodate all of our clients. In 1995 we moved to 200 High Street and had a great 16 year run there.

In February, 2011 circumstances led to us making another move, but this time it was a sweet homecoming. After all those years and changes, my uncle’s old store space (Blazis General Store) was available to rent again. I just knew it was the right thing to do. Sadly, my uncle Tony passed away in May of 2008, but I know he is looking down on me with a smile.

Being here again brings a whole new atmosphere to our salon, making me feel as though we have come full circle. This salon is a place we can call home and it feels good to be back where it all began for me so many years ago.

We love being in Windsor and it has been our pleasure to serve our clients from in-town and the surrounding area. Our team of professionals looks forward to welcoming our past, present and future clients for many years to come.



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